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Product-specific training

Do you want us to manage your education or training activities? CAMES offers the creation of product-specific training on a scientific basis.

Tailor-made programs

Product-specific training


Building your education

CAMES offers building product-specific training on a scientific basis - including identifying critical phases of using your product.

This includes curriculum design and placing your educational content in a clinical context.

If we deliver your training, we offer you full control over the content of your course in our training platform, where you can set up your course material and training sessions in a well-developed design and learning environment (LMS).

Here you also have the opportunity to take registrations and communicate directly with your students, before, during and after their training.

CAMES can also take care of all administrative matters as required. This could include handling all bookings, participant communication, venues, catering and assistance with everything from air and rail transport - to booking hotels in the local area.

Development of teaching modalities

Special models are needed to test and teach the use of medical equipment.

CAMES collaborates with a number of facilities that offer access to live animal models. However, as our heart beats for the 3R initiative, which is about reducing and making more efficient the use of live animals, we would rather work with you to identify or develop alternative models for your training.

At CAMES, we have extensive experience in producing models for medical education. This allows us to quickly identify the most important parameters for the application of your product - which we can then assemble into a procured or specially produced phantom.

We currently use a number of different models. For example, artificial materials such as silicone and ballistic gel for ultrasound phantoms, as well as biological materials - including specially purified and prepared organ blocks from animals that have already been discarded for other reasons.

Validation of teaching

A validated training programme requires that the content matches the requirements of the users in the clinic. At the same time, it requires a tool, such as a test, that can show with certainty whether users are able to use your product safely - both on models and on real patients.

At CAMES, we have extensive experience of working with validation in a scientific context. Therefore, we are able to offer our efficient and evidence-based methodology as a service to our clients.

We are working with several tools to identify clinicians' needs - including Delphi surveys among professional and educational experts to establish content preferences.

We are also able to build and validate the assessment tools themselves against desired quality parameters, which can then be tested by comparing novices and experts.

Should we build education together?

We match your requirements when it comes to producing simulation-based education, training or courses that have your product as the focal point.

Please contact us if you have any questions - or want to know more.

Lars Konge, Head of Research and Acting Head of Section, CAMES Rigshospitalet - 23615379 / Read bio.