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We offer a wide range of simulation-based services targeting the healthcare system and the private sector. Get an overview here.

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3D Print Lab

Our 3D-Lab is equipped with rapid prototyping, 3D printing, scanning and modelling.
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Production of medical phantoms

CAMES Phantom Design Lab helps you with the production of physical medical phantoms.
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Consultancy services

Do you have a product, practice or technology that you would like to develop or test etcf.?
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We can help develop med-tech solutions across technologies.
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With our simulation equipment and infrastructure, we can offer a range of training-based services that can be used directly in hospitals. All with the aim of improving the quality and safety of patient care - and always rooted in research-based methods and practices.

For example, we can help you with already proven training programmes for major development and innovation projects targeted at hospitals. It could be that you need to 3D print a phantom to practice a specific surgical technique. Or something completely different. Explore this site - and see what we offer.



3D Print

CAMES 3D Print Center provides 3D printing to the clinics affiliated with RegionH. But we also complete tasks for other stakeholders in healthcare. The centre consists of a printer farm with 14 printers, covering the classic FDM printers as well as SLA printers, which allow printing of different materials.

3D printing allows the clinic to print patient-specific cases based on CT scans, which can be used for teaching, patient orientation, treatment or surgical planning. 3D printing can also be used to produce so-called 'gizmos' that are missing in the department. Please contact us if you have a task that needs to be solved.

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CAMES 3D Printing Centre


Phantom Labs

The Phantom Design Lab™ is a specialised clinical design and development unit that designs and produces medical phantoms for teaching and simulation training. The lab focuses on designing products that, based on evidence, support and ultimately enhance the quality and safety of various patient treatments.

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CAMES Phantom Design Lab


CAMES Engineering has a dedicated team who develop products, prototypes, software and new technologies in collaboration with companies, clinicians and hospitals, in a large garage/maker space environment. If you are looking for something that would enhance skill development in an area, please feel free to contact us.

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CAMES Engineering


Consultancy services

Do you have a product, practice or technology that you would like to see developed or tested for use in healthcare? Find out more about the consultancy services we offer.

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CAMES Consulting Services

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Virtual tour: discover our facilities for yourself

CAMES Rigshospitalet is equipped with state-of-the-art training equipment, which is used in our technical simulation courses and training. Check out our facilities for yourself with a virtual tour of our premises. When you come to the different facilities, you can read more about the equipment, purpose - and course activities associated with them.

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Internationally, CAMES is in the absolute super league when it comes to medical and surgical simulation. Our wide range of education, training, research and innovative services aim to enhance the quality and safety of patient care.