How to use escape rooms in clinical training

by | Mar 21, 2023 | All

You may be familiar with escape rooms in the context of bachelor parties or team building, but the concept is also very useful in clinical settings. Read how here.

An escape room is a team-based game where participants discover clues and solve puzzles to achieve a specific goal in a limited time. CAMES is increasingly working with escape rooms in the training of health professionals, and in particular in the training of social and cognitive competences such as leadership, teamwork, communication and decision-making.

In the clinic you can use the escape room for the following:

  • Prioritising tasks in difficult situations
  • Dealing with emotional challenges in dilemmas
  • Managing different communication channels when sending and receiving information
  • Managing in pressure situations

Find out more in the video explaining the concept for clinical use.

Please contact us if you are curious about the potential of escape rooms in clinical settings - and if you would like us to develop a program together that is tailored to your needs.

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See what an escape room can give you.

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