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CAMES works with a range of actors at very different levels. Find out more here, and contact us if you see opportunities for collaboration.

Types of Cooperation

We enter into various collaborative relationships from both the public and private sectors.
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Letz strengthen patient safety together

CAMES is continuously developing collaborative relationships with forward-thinking healthcare professionals, hospitals, medical and tech companies, organizations, universities, foundations and other simulation entities at home and abroad. Our internationally recognized and experienced profile has translated over the years into external collaborations, joint projects and partnerships. Collaborative relationships that have the common mantra and fixed point that:

"You have to practice before you perform procedures on patients."

In other words, it is about developing and offering simulation-based training, education and services that enhance the quality of patient care - and thus also support patient safety.
It is CAMES' ambition to expand its portfolio of collaborative projects in the future, and this will happen while we continuously move into new and broader scaled collaborative relationships with external partners. Please reach out to us if you are curious to know more.

Simulation with others

Types of cooperation


Cooperation on simulation services
A collaboration with CAMES can be adapted to your needs. For example, we can develop new educational programmes, train your healthcare professionals in simulation, use proven testing facilities, develop new practices, send you products from our Phantom Design Lab, test new technology or disseminate best practice in a field.

Public-Private Projects (PPP)

Whether you represent a private company or a public organisation does not determine whether cooperation with CAMES could be relevant. CAMES has always worked across sectors - and has built up many different Public-Private Projects and partnerships over the years. Cross-sectoral interaction will only become a higher priority in the future - among other things in relation to strengthening the whole business PhD area.

Use of CAMES test facilities

If you would like to test new medical equipment, CAMES has a good track record of setting up dedicated training rooms, taking advantage of its proximity to clinical practice and its research-based training expertise. In the same spirit, we are also happy to make our testing facilities available. For example, operating theatres, test beds, etc., so that you can test ideas in close interaction with the healthcare professionals who will use them in the future.

Advice at the highest level

If you want to take care of development, implementation and more yourself, you can also buy CAMES' advice and consultancy for limited parts of your work. We already help a number of players to design, implement and evaluate courses and skills development - just as we carry out consultancy tasks and provide advice at various levels in public and private companies both in Denmark and abroad.

Universities and research environments
If you choose to work with CAMES, the activities will almost always be research-based. And while CAMES has strong researchers employed in a number of fields, we like to go elsewhere, so we always use the very best. This means that as a CAMES partner, you will also benefit from the close university collaborations we have at CAMES.

Selection of the universities from around the world with which CAMES collaborates:

- Harvard Medical School, USA

- Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

- University of Copenhagen, Denmark

- London School of Economics, United Kingdom

- Mayo Clinic, USA

- McMaster University, Canada

- Monash University, Australia

- Maastricht University, Netherlands

- Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


- Sorbonne, France

- Stanford University, USA

- Stavanger University, Norway

- University of Calgary, Canada

- University of California - San Fransisco, USA

- University of Munich, Germany

- University of Pennsylvania, USA

- University of Toronto, Canada

Public/Private Cooperation
Over the years, CAMES has built up a portfolio of various public-private projects and partnerships. In general, engagement with private industry, organisations and external public entities has high strategic priority, including a focus on the establishment of a business PhD track.

We undertake consultancy assignments at various levels for public and private entities. Advice and consultancy services relate to all areas of activity in CAMES.

Learning technology and e-learning
As part of the Capital Region's Simulation and Learning Technology Unit, CAMES naturally works very closely with the Learning Technology Section - also known as RegionH E-learning. This collaboration is also brought into play when CAMES continuously works to strengthen cooperation between medical simulation centres at home and abroad. Some of the areas CAMES has collaborated in so far include:
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Ultrasound
  • Eye surgery
  • Ear surgery
  • Colonoscopy
  • Birthmark Diagnostics
  • Robotic Surgery
Facilitating international simulation training
CAMES collaborates internationally with industry and clinical specialties on course design, practical delivery and assessments. The facility invites industry - such as leading medical device manufacturers - to set up their own state-of-the-art training rooms. This is while working closely with our research-based training capabilities.
From very local hospital committees to the international Society for Simulation in Health Care.

In the Capital Region CAMES is represented in

  • Education Region East Steering Group on Compulsory Interdisciplinary Continuing Education Courses
  • The Regional Council for Continuing Medical Education.
  • Herlev Hospital Education Committee
  • Rigshospitalets continuing education committee
  • Department of Surgery and Internal Medicine
  • KU/SUND's 1st-3rd semester Candidate Committee
  • The Regional Cardiac Arrest Committee
  • Herlev/Gentofte Hospital Cardiac Arrest Committee
  • Rigshospitalets Innovation Council

Nationally, CAMES is represented in

  • Danish Society for Medical Education
  • The Health Authority's monitoring group for specialised courses

Internationally, CAMES is represented in

  • Expert Group on Simulation of the Association for Medical Simulation in Europe
  • Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Health Care
  • Society for Simulation in Health Care.
  • Association for Medical Education in Europe
  • International Society for Rapid Response Systems

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Our partners

"In our ongoing efforts to support cutting-edge medical procedures and scientific studies, it is imperative that we in Olympus cooperate with world-leading academies for medical education and simulation. This is why, we are working closely with the researchers and educators at CAMES. A collaboration that we work to strengthen even more in the future. "
Lars Rust

Country Manager , Olympus Denmark A/S

"CAMES is definitely one of the leading research centers in medical education and simulation. I have no doubts that a collaboration with CAMES can have a significant positive impact of the next generation of physicians, healthcare providers and anyone else who works with medical education and wants to improve the future quality of healthcare."
Benny T. Dahl

Professor and Director, Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, USA


What is said about CAMES

What does CAMES actually do? And what do organisations, universities and companies really get out of working with CAMES? We have asked some of our partners. Have a look here.

Innovation with CAMES

CAMES has dedicated people developing products, practices and new technologies in collaboration with companies and hospitals. If you are looking for something that would enhance the development of skills in a field, you are always welcome to come to CAMES. Maybe we can develop it together?

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Part of Copenhagen Science City

CAMES is not only located in the innovation district - Copenhagen Science City. We are also proud to be an active part of a community that, together with other institutions, companies and organizations in the area, cultivates innovation in the field of science and medicine.

Copenhagen Science City is a partnership between the University of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University College, the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark, Novo Nordisk, the Danish Building and Property Agency and Copenhagen Bio Science Park. It is fundamentally about creating optimal conditions for researchers and clinicians and for companies that collaborate with them.

Currently, there are more than 500 innovative companies co-creating and collaborating with 30,000 students and researchers in medicine, healthcare and science.

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